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Our Story

Our Maine Coons are our beloved pets but, because we love to have kittens around. we also breed. Hannah, our original matriarch who lived to be 17, had her first litter in February 1994 and our most recent litters, Xanthe's and Xpialidocious', were born in August 2012.

Hannah and all of our first fourteen litters were born in London, England. But Maine Coons are essentially American cats so our cats' pedigrees are instantly recognisable to Maine Coon lovers in the USA.

In the summer of 2002 we returned to the US with our five of adult cats aboard the QE2.

Hannah's grand-daughter Jezebel is our senior lady. Her grand-daughters, Xanthe and Xpialidocious, are currently our breeding queens.

We have never owned a sire. To see the fathers of our US born kittens please visit the web site of Pawstuctaway Coons Since we moved from the UK we have added and lost members of our Maine Coon family. Hannah died in 2010. We have Peconic Tabitha, Jezebel's daughter, born in July 2005, who carried on from Jezebel and has now handed on to her daughters, Xanthe and Xpialidocious. We also have three boys, who are all sons of Xpialidocious and, like their mother are very mellow: Barnaby, born in March 2010 and Duvet and Feathers, born in March 2012.